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Last week I started what I hope will grow into something my readers can enjoy, appreciate and learn from. The goal, as I stated in the first blog entry, was to educated my readers on everything one needs to know about working with a photographer.

What I also said was that I was hoping to use this new medium to me, to share some of my personal stories and projects as a working photographer. Project Shabbos is exactly that.

For those readers who are unfamiliar with what Project Shabbos is, it is a global Jewish initiative (still in its infancy) with a goal to educate and inspire people from all over the world on the most precious and holy day we have! This passing Shabbos, over 40,000 boys and girls, families and adults were invited by the orthodox Jewish community all over the country and the world, to share and celebrate this one shabbos with their families.

One must take note as this is a momentous achievement for all of us. This project was started almost accidentally in South Africa just last year. This year, it spread the all over the world like wild fire.  Seeing Jews interacting in a way that brings us all together in celebration of this holy day that has been commemorated each week by millions of Jews for thousands of years is indeed inspirational.

As a Baal Teshuva myself, seeing people open up their homes to total strangers, inviting them to their tables is amazing. A few short years ago, a person in Monsey did that for me and I thank Hashem everyday for sending someone like him into my life. Kol Hakavod to all who participated.

As Rabbi Klatzko who has been running a Global project for years  said today, “let this Shabbos become a spark for us all that last us a lifetime, enabling us to continue inviting people for Shabbos every week.”  


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