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Welcome to my blog

October 23, 2014  •  Leave a Comment


I am very excited to finally getting to this blog.


A full time photographers life is never without a challenge. Everyday is filled with surprises, accomplishments and new opportunities making one wish for a second set of hands.


This blog has been a long time coming and now that I am finally here, I would like to give a brief introduction on what you can expect by coming back here.


First, the honest truth. I love my job! Anyone who I had the privilege of working with in the past can attest to the fact. I live, breath, and sleep photography. Why? The reasons is quite simple:


For me, photography is not about light, or composition, or even the latest gear. Its about people. Celebrating life's most significant occasions with my clients is what I love to do. My camera and lenses are just an extensions of my ability to see what I call life in a split second. Seeing a father giving his son a blessing, minutes before he steps under the Chuppah or witnessing a Great Grand mother tearing as her little sunshine walks down the Bridal Aisle, t  what keeps me riveted and on my toes.

Doing what I do at its best requires a better understanding of working with a photographer from my clients. This blog will be about that. We will discuss the importance of having a photographer at your event, what you should expect and demand from your photographer, finding the right photographer for your event and of course the things you should not be worrying about at your wedding day so that you can enjoy the day as much you should. Of course, we will also do vendor review and recommendations.


Forw now, feel free to browse around or say hello. I love getting feedback from people.



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