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My dear friends, fans and followers. As you will read this post you will quickly see how special and dear it is to me. For the past 20 years, my camera has become by windows to the world. It allowed me to connect with thousands of followers on instagram, hundreds of fans across the unites states and of course my dear couples and their families. Without the support I got from you and those that helped me grow along the way, this post would not be possible.

A few weeks ago, I posted a teaser on my instagram about an imminent announcement of something BIG. Today is the day! Today, I would like to announce my gesture of gratitude to all those that hold my work dear and to all those I have become fond of through the years. In an effort of expressing my Hakarat Hatov to all of you and to Hashem, I decided that I will be raffling off three different packages that include my work and the work of my award winning team.

Yes, you read it right. Starting today you can win a $10,000 wedding package (amongst other prizes) by buying a raffle ticket for a fraction of the cost. All proceeds of these tickets will be distributed to Yad Eliezer, the world's largest Tzedaka organization helping orphaned kallahs get married in Israel and Yeshiva Ohr Somayach that help me shape myself into the Jewish soul that I am.


I feel extremely blessed for having the talents Hashem graced me with. What better way is there then to share that which Hashem has give me!


To learn more about my project, please visit and buy a raffle. it will help those who need it most. Help me spread the word and share this post on your social media circle.




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